Hello! I'm a happy amateur sewer - sewist? Seamstress? Tailor? Anyway - person who like to make stuff with needle and thread. This is my site! I want to keep a record of the things I do that is less ephemeral than modern social media, so this is what I'm trying now


I have two cats, who like to help me out with my projects. I love them lots and would never imply that they are in the way. Never

The other purpose of this site is to try to make some sort of organization for any research I do for my historical sewing. As a hater of fashion and clothing since childhood I have discovered that that distaste is really limited to the shopping for clothes (which never fit and never look the way you want), and not the clothes themselves! And I actually like textiles, when they're not made out of plastic.

The site is under construction, but hopefully, you can find my ramblings in the blog section, and a summary of research and projects in the archive section!

Best wishes!